After being delayed over the COVID-19 pandemic, the T-Mobile District’s tiered opening has quickly placed it high in the public consciousness, becoming the top destination for a multisensorial experience unlike any presented in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Located in the Convention District, in the heart of San Juan, the T-Mobile District is a behemoth of entertainment, featuring concert and media venues, gastronomic diversity, bars, an urban zipline park, a hotel, a VIP movie theater by Caribbean Cinemas, and a plaza with a digitized stage system comprised of over 14,000 square feet of LED displays to show interactive content, among others.

This new hub of activity required an investment of roughly $185 million, according to Federico “Friedel” Stubbe Jr., CEO of PRISA Group, which is the developer and chief investor for the T-Mobile District.

The goal of this center, he said, is to showcase before the world Puerto Rico’s cultural richness, while supporting local entrepreneurs and encouraging audiences to rethink the island as a premier tourism destination. “Everything that has been done there has many tasks, many details, and it is that all the concepts are made by Puerto Ricans for the Puerto Rico market, and destined to reflect the best of our culture, music, flavor, art in a very authentic place. Authenticity has defined and guided and inspired us in creating this collection of experiences that we are offering in the T-Mobile District,” Stubbe told The Weekly Journal.