“With all of the different partners that our teams have and the league has, I don’t think I’ve really met one that really is focused so much on giving back into the community,” Garber said, “and trying to find ways that their company can improve our environment, improve society and really make this country a better place.”

The Union also announced a trio of major enhancements to the stadium complex. The most prominent is a new video board over the west stands, where the old video board stood. It will span 109 feet by 32 feet, offering a 281% increase in screen size and a 200% increase in resolution compared to the old board. There will also be new LED ribbon boards at field level and atop the seating bowl, and more than 200 new monitors around the stadium, including the main concourse.

Under the River End stands, the Union will launch a high-end lounge called the Tunnel Club. It soft-opened last year, and is now fully operational for fans with some of the highest-end tickets. Also, the Union have built three new parking lots on land they bought across the train tracks from the stadium. If you drive a Subaru, you’ll have a shot at one of 30 free spaces in Lot B, next to the practice fields.